RT2 Resin Trap

Same tough features as our big resin traps and machines, in a very compact package
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Miniature resin trap and controls for smaller scale resin infusion

The RT2 is the resin trap and control module from our MICRO vacuum system. 

This heavy duty miniature resin trap will suit manufacturers of high quality small infused parts who already have a suitable pump, but wish to upgrade the vacuum integrity of their controls and resin trap and minimise trap cleaning time. The trap can be mounted on a flat base panel and will suit vacuum pumps with a capacity up to about 12 m3/h (7 cfm).









For an example mounting arrangement using the Vacmobile MICRO 8/2, please see below:



RT2 Standard scope of supply:

                  1. Rugged handle and trap mounting bracket
                  2. Two O-ring sealed tubing connections on pressed steel resin trap lid (optional sizes)
                  3. Vacuum regulation valve
                  4. Solid manifold block mechanically locked to trap
                  5. Auxiliary O-ring sealed socket for 19 mm (¾”) OD fittings (with both blanking plug and hose-tail)
                  6. Liquid filled vacuum gauge
                  7. Auxiliary O-ring sealed socket for 8 mm (5/16”) OD fittings. (Typically used as absolute pressure gauge connection)
                  8. Pump isolation valve
                  9. 2 litre (4.2 US pints) disposable catchpot and 8 spares
                  10. Mounting bolts and packaging base panel. (Packaging base panel can also serve to support pump)
                  11. 10 mm OD pump connection tube
                  12. O-ring & resin trap seals kit





Trap Lid Options








Steel Lid for vacuum bagging                                                                                                                                                                                        Glass lid for infusion

Absolute gauge

An absolute pressure gauge is easily fitted to an RT2 Trap.






VPE ultrasonic leak detector

Ultrasonic leak detectors enable small vacuum leaks inaudible to the human ear to be detected and physically located.  Using a leak detector will considerably speed up the location and repair of vacuum bag leaks.





Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 290 × 215 × 440 mm
Disposable catchpot

Capacity – 2 litres (4.2 US pints), foil lined for exotherm resistance

Trap lid connections

2 connections in 4 optional sizes to suit the following outside diameter extruded tubes: 3/8” to 10 mm, 1/2” to 13 mm, 5/8” to 16 mm, or 19 mm to 3/4”. On all standard tubing sizes, high integrity vacuum connections are quickly and reliably achieved at the trap lid via O-ring seals on the outside of the tube.

Trap lid options

Pressed steel lid (catchpot contents not visible under vacuum), or toughened glass lid (which allows catchpot contents to be viewed at all times). The toughened glass lid is recommended for infusion applications.


2 year full repair/replacement warranty applicable worldwide.


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