Absolute pressure gauges and leak detectors

Useful instruments for composites shops using vacuum processes such as resin infusion, vacuum bagging and RTM Light (RTM ECO)!
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Absolute pressure gauges and ultrasonic leak detectors are useful for improving quality and productivity in the vacuum applications for composites

GDH111-Set absolute pressure gauge (precision pressure gauge for low pressures)

Absolute pressure gauges use the absolute zero of pressure as their reference datum and measure pressure independently of altitude and weather conditions. In composites manufacturing applications, absolute pressure gauges can be used to:

  • Provide faster and more precise leak test (drop test) results
  • Diagnose water and solvent vapour problems causing porosity
  • Identify incomplete or inconsistent laminate evacuation causing dry areas
  • Check vacuum pump performance.

G1111 specification

Measuring ranges (absolute pressures)
  • 0-1,700 mbar. Resolve to 0.1 mbar
  • 0-1.7 bar. Resolve to 0.001 bar
  • 0-1,292 mm Hg. Resolve to 0.1 mm
  • 0-25 psi. Resolve to 0.002 psi
Max pressure
  • 3 bar absolute
  • +2 mbar at 5-300C (41-860F)
  • +1.25% of full scale.
  • Calibration can be improved with access to a high vacuum pump capable of less than 0.1 mbar
  • Suits 4 mm (5/32”) ID tube at gauge
  • Supplied as standard with 6 mm OD tube terminating with an 8 mm (5/16”) OD male stem compatible with O-ring sealed compressed air sockets
Power supply
  • 2x AA Battery (included)
  • Auto power off
  • Padded carry case included

VPE ultrasonic leak detector

Ultrasonic leak detectors enable small vacuum leaks inaudible to the human ear to be detected and physically located.  Using a leak detector will considerably speed up the location and repair of vacuum bag leaks.

VPE leak detector specification

  • -80dB/volt/microbar
Frequency response
  • 38 to 42 kHz
Audio output
  • 0 to 4 kHz (via headset, with volume control)
  • 10 element bar graph
Power supply
  • 9 V DC battery (included)
  • Auto power off
  • Padded carry case included

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