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Compacted down of our most popular Vacmobile Modular 2S
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The Vacmobile E12- series is a compacted down form of our most popular and well-proven Modular 2S machine. The primary uses of the E12- series are the manufacture of composites using vacuum processes such as resin infusion and vacuum bagging. As supplied from the factory, E12- machines are not mobile, but they are easily added to a customer supplied mobile cart if bench top mounting is not appropriate. Apart from the lack of mobility, E12- series machines deliver identical vacuum performance to a Modular 2S machine fitted with the same pump. Because of the compact size and ruggedness of the package, an E12- series machine is ideal for applications where transportability is an important consideration, e.g., competition boat and vehicle support teams, also contract laminating and repairs.

For 230 volt markets, the E12- may be fitted with either the 20 m3/h (11.8 cfm) VSV-20 pump or the 28 m3/h (16.5 cfm) EM28/B pump. For 115 volt/60 Hz markets, the only pump option is the VSV-20 pump with a capacity of 24 m3/h (14.1 cfm). The high vacuum VSV-20 vacuum pump is fitted with an End Vacuum Adjustment Valve (EVA valve) as standard. This precisely adjustable valve significantly improves the versatility of the system. Please refer to the Modular 2S data sheet for more information about the EVA valve.

An accessory kit for degassing resin on the way in to the internal catchpot is available as an option. Please see the accessory tab.

For more detail on this system, please open the PDF.




Catchpot & Degas bucket options

Disposable cardboard catchpot                            Collapsible reinforced fabric catchpot                      Polyethylene degas bucket



Degas Kit

This degasses a thin stream of resin on the way in to the vessel. The degas kit achieves better air removal than is possible with bulk resin degassing and is suitable for resin batches up to 9 litres (2.4 US gallons). It is also effective with high viscosity resins that are difficult to degas in bulk.







Absolute gauge

An absolute pressure gauge is easily fitted to an E12-series machine.






VPE ultrasonic leak detector

Ultrasonic leak detectors enable small vacuum leaks inaudible to the human ear to be detected and physically located.  Using a leak detector will considerably speed up the location and repair of vacuum bag leaks.





Additional information

Weight 32.5 kg
Dimensions 580 × 390 × 580 mm
Vacuum pump

230 V + 5%

VSV-20. 50 Hz capacity 20 m3/h (11.8 cfm). 60 Hz capacity 24 m3/h (14.1 cfm)

115 V + 5%

VSV-20. 60 Hz capacity 24 m3/h (14.1 cfm)

Vacuum level

Adjustable from 20% vacuum (800 mbar absolute) to the pump’s maximum vacuum:

0.5 mbar, 50 Pa, 0.38 Torr, 99.95% vacuum*, 29.9 “ Hg*, -101.25 kPa*, -14.68 psig*

* Please note that “gauge” vacuums are weather and altitude dependent

Resin trap

– 1 RT19 resin trap, with machined aluminium lid.
– Trap lid includes a 75 mm (3”) viewport and allows up to 8 O-ring sealed tube connections.
– Optional illumination port. If chosen, this replaces one tubing connection.
– Choice of two types of disposable resin catchpot or a reusable polyethylene degas bucket.
– Please refer to RT19 information sheet for more detailed information.

Tubing connections

The high integrity sealing quality and almost nil maintenance requirement of the Vacmobile O-ring sealed tubing connections has been proven for more than 20 years. The O-rings seal on the outside of extruded tubing, such as polyethylene, nylon and PVC. Standard connection sizes suit the following tubing outside diameters: 3/8” to 10 mm, 12.0 mm to 12.5 mm, ½” to 13 mm, 5/8” to 16 mm, 19 mm to ¾”. Adaptors available to suit ½” and ¾” inside diameter tubing.


No fuss, as new repair or complete replacement warranty applicable worldwide.


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