20/2 System

Mobile vacuum system with integral resin trap
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The original Vacmobile, the 20/2 mobile vacuum system is a proven performer ideally suited to resin infusion or vacuum bagging composite parts, where the resin overflow from the part will be less than 2 litres (4 pints).

Don’t be fooled by its compact size – the 20/2 can successfully resin infuse vacuum bagged products as large as 185 m² (2,000 ft²) when supplemented by a larger (optional) resin trap. The 20/2 arrives ready to run on single phase power, so there’s no costly installation or complicated set up. Exceptionally mobile, the 20/2 allows you to get much closer to your work, where the vacuum is needed the most, which means greater performance and lower operating costs.

The 20/2 vacuum system arrives complete with an integrated resin trap, vacuum gauge, vacuum regulation, coarse particle filter and motor overload protection. It is robustly constructed from proven Vacmobile components, including our unique O-ring sealed trap lid tubing connections, assuring vacuum integrity over a long working life

Very versatile: Single & Dual vacuum levels

The 20/2 has an optional Dual-Vac accessory that seamlessly converts the standard single vacuum level 20/2 into a dual vacuum machine suitable for small RTM Light and double bag infusion processing.  This added scope is ideal for laboratories and training facilities where a range of processes need to be demonstrated, or for small manufacturers who are focussed mostly on infusion projects, but occasionally need the ability to undertake Light RTM jobs.

Collapsible for transport

The 20/2’s normal working height of 1065 mm (42″) can be easily reduced to 620 mm (24.4″) making it simple to move between working locations.






  Trap Lid Options


Glass lid for infusion                                                     Steel Lid for vacuum bagging

Ruggedness proven in more than 60 countries since 2006


Below: Showing sectional drawing

                                          1. Silenced vacuum regulation valve
                                          2. Instant vacuum release button
                                          3. Vacuum tubing restraint. Holds tubing from resin trap horizontally or vertically, as required
                                          4. Valves mechanically locked to manifold. Cannot loosen or leak
                                          5. Manifold machined from solid aluminium block
                                          6. Manifold physically locked to main handle of machine. Cannot loosen in service
                                          7. O-ring sealed connection to resin trap
                                          8. Convenient working height handle and manifold. Can be compacted down for transport

Glass resin trap lid

Made from 10 mm (3/8”) thick toughened glass, the glass resin trap lid is recommended for resin infusion applications.

This accessory allows the resin level in the catchpot to be inspected at any time, which is great for peace of mind when infusing.

In conjunction with tubing valves or clamps, the glass lid makes it possible for the infusion process to be briefly interrupted to allow the catchpot to be emptied or replaced before the resin overflows and damages the vacuum pump.



Dual-Vac accessory

The Dual-Vac accessory converts the standard single vacuum level 20/2 machine into a dual vacuum level machine suitable for small RTM Light and double bag infusion processing.

The accessory allows access to maximum vacuum from one connection of the resin trap and an independently adjustable poorer level of vacuum from the second port.

Typically the maximum vacuum port is connected to the clamping flange of an RTM Light mould and the reduced vacuum (often 50% vacuum) to the part cavity of the mould.



Clamping valve kit

Harness the powerful but gentle holding power of vacuum, by adding the clamping valve kit to the Vacmobile 20/2.

This accessory is ideal for vacuum holding applications during routing or surface finishing, as vacuum clamping does not mark the material and allows 100% access to the part perimeter.

The kit includes a quick changeover valve (to allow instant release of the part being held) and a reverse flushed dust filter.



Absolute gauge

An absolute pressure gauge is easily fitted to an 20/2 machine.






VPE ultrasonic leak detector

Ultrasonic leak detectors enable small vacuum leaks inaudible to the human ear to be detected and physically located.  Using a leak detector will considerably speed up the location and repair of vacuum bag leaks.





Additional information

Weight 31 kg
Dimensions 1065 × 390 × 470 mm
Vacuum pump

VSV-20. 50 Hz capacity 20 m³/h (11.8 cfm). 60 Hz capacity 24 m³/h (14.1 cfm).

Power Supply

Either 230 V, 50/60 Hz or 115 V, 60 Hz, single phase.

Vacuum level

Adjustable from approximately 20% vacuum to the pump’s maximum vacuum: 0.5 mbar, 99.95% vacuum*, 0.38 Torr, 29.9” Hg*, -14.68 psi*, -101.25 kPa*.
* Please note that "gauge" vacuums are weather and altitude dependent.

Resin catch pot

2 litres (4.2 US pints). Resin trapping capacity may be supplemented by external traps, such as the Vacmobile RT19.

Trap lid connections

2 connections in 5 optional sizes to suit the following outside diameter extruded tubes: 3/8” to 10 mm, 15/32” to 12 mm, 5/8” to 16 mm, or 19 mm to 3/4”. With adaptors, also suitable for 1/2” and 3/4” inside diameter tubing.

On all standard tubing sizes, high integrity vacuum connections are quickly and reliably achieved via O-ring seals on the outside of the tube.


The 20/2’s capabilities may be extended by various options. Refer "Optional Accessories" Tab


Full repair/replacement warranty applicable worldwide.


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