Precision Tubing clamp


Vacmobile PT clamps are purpose-designed for precisely controlling the flow of vacuum and resin through the extruded tubing commonly used for the vacuum applications in composites, such as resin infusion and resin degassing. PT clamps can be used to partially or completely close low density polyethylene (LDPE) tubing with wall thicknesses up to 2.2 mm (~ 5/64”) and outside diameters up to 25 5 mm (1”). Relative to other forms of flow regulation in composites applications, Vacmobile PT clamps deliver the following benefits:

  • Reduced tube damage compared with other forms of clamps. PT clamps have a wide clamping surface with generous entry and exit radii and avoid the risk of penetrating the tubing. On most reasonable quality LDPE tubing, the tubing will largely recover its original flow area after being unclamped and can often be reused.
  • Light weight. Less than 190 grams (6.7 ounces). Unlikely to damage a vacuum bag if dropped on it.
  • Tube throttling precisely controllable while mounted on the tube. Far more controllable than over-centre type clamps and disposable valves.
  • Zero leak risk compared with disposable valves and poorly designed clamps with small clamping faces.
  • Reduced “per-use” costs compared with disposable valves

Typical applications are on the resin feed side of a laminate to be infused and for flow control of resin into an evacuated resin degassing vessel, as illustrated on the following page.

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