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All modules and components incorporated in our equipment are available as separate items.  Module possibilities include our manifold assemblies and the miniature resin trap and control module from the MICRO system (refer to RT2 information sheet).  Examples of smaller components include our silenced vacuum regulation valve with vacuum override for quick vacuum release and all of our O-ring sealed tubing connections.  Vacuum related accessory items include a vacuum probe for eliminating dry spots, multipart bag connectors and machined plastic infusion ports.

Vacuum manifolds – versatile, with proven rugged, leak tight connections

As a separate component, the Vacmobile multi-part manifold originally developed for our 20/2 machine may be mounted direct to a pump, to a work bench or to a wall (with optional bracket). Through-wall connection is possible, e.g., into a curing oven. The manifold is available with a range of accessories, such as vacuum regulation valve, isolation valves, vacuum indicator gauge, absolute gauge port, O-ring sealed tubing glands and hose-tails.  Improve the vacuum integrity of an existing vacuum system with a Vacmobile manifold!

Vacuum regulation valve

Our rugged and easy-to-use vacuum regulation valve includes an override button for quick vacuum release when adjusting the vacuum bag.

Unique O-ring sealed tubing connections

As one machine user remarked about our O-ring sealed resin trap lid tubing connections: “The system of putting tubes in the vessel (resin trap) works fantastic.  You don’t need to drill them out and the resin falls directly into the catchpot.  We should have bought this equipment one year ago!”  Our O-ring sealed tubing connections can be retrofitted to existing resin trap lids to allow quick, reliable and mastic-free tube fitting – and unobstructed resin discharge from the tube.  Connections are available to suit the following outside diameter tubes: 3/8” to 10 mm, 12 to 12.5 mm, ½” to 13 mm, 5/8” to 16 mm and 19 mm to 3/4”.  The fittings may be screwed into 3/4” BSPP/NPT threads, or inserted though 27 mm (1 1/16”) diameter holes. There is also a tubing gland which may be threaded into 3/8” BSPP only.

Multi-part Bag fitting

The multi-part bag fitting is intended for vacuum bag penetrations where liquid resin will not come in contact with the fitting, e.g., when protected by bleeder cloth when vacuum bagging over wet laminate or pre-preg.  The multi-part bag fitting is not suited to infusion applications, as it is too difficult to clean.

The fitting is designed to directly suit 12.7 mm (1/2”) OD tubing.  It can be simply adapted to other tubing sizes.

Reusable plastic infusion ports

Infusion ports are suitable for either resin or vacuum distribution under a vacuum bag.  The ports may be positioned prior to fitting the bag, and allow tubing penetrations to be made after successful completion of vacuum leak testing.

Our reusable plastic infusion ports are machined from solid Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE).  They are intended for resin infusion applications where the bag penetrations are subject to resin contact.  If treated with a liquid mould release before each infusion, the ports will be easily cleaned and suitable for many re-uses.  Available with base groove for use with spiral cut tube or with a flat base for use with flat profile resin flow media.

Standard sizes are made to suit:
­ ­­ ­  12.7 mm (1/2”) OD vacuum tube
­­ ­ ­  16 mm (5/8”) OD vacuum tube
­­­    23 mm (29/32”) OD vacuum tube
Special sizes can be made to order, subject to minimum quantity order.

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